MKQL Tutorial School 2024

Late 1987, REA Realty and Development Corporation, Board of Directors and members headed by Mr. Ricardo Aguilar and Mrs. Ana Aguilar conceived an idea to put up a computer school in their town, San Pedro, Laguna. February of year 1988 when they decided to franchised Metrodata Computer School.

The school started to operate and offer only short-courses (Basic Computer System, Disk Operating System, Wordstar Prof. 4 and Lotus 123) that are in-demand at that time under the management of Mr. Edilberto A. Aguilar as School Director and it is strategically resided at 2nd Floor of Casa Hacienda Commercial Center at the heart of San Pedro, Laguna. The school became well-known in short-courses and stretches to its first one-year, two-year and three-year courses.

First Semester of school year 1990-1991 when the Metrodata Computer School of San Pedro manage and present the One-Year Automated Office Management, two-year Computer Programming/two-year Computer Technology and three-year Computer Information System/Computer Management which is registered under the recognition of Department of Education, Culture and Sports. Year 1992 when Mr. Eliseo A. Aguilar took the place of Mr. Edilberto A. Aguilar as the School Director and also in the same year, mushrooming of computer schools at San Pedro and other nearby municipalities are rapid.

As pioneer computer school, our school still the most competitive became one of the most outstanding school. Year of the new millennium when the board meets to established new school name and cut the franchised from Metrodata Computer School. born and transfer to 3rd Floor of Casa Hacienda Commercial Center offering the 5 Computer courses, Computer Management, Computer Information Technology, Computer Programming, Computer Technology, Computer Secretarial and other in-demand and up to date short-courses for better services. It starts to extend its generosity to give education to low and middle income families offering FREE TUITION FEE YET QUALITY COMPUTER EDUCATION.

2002, when the school revised the curriculum of the 5 courses to new and modernized approach curriculum which is guided by (TESDA) Technical Education and Skills Development Authority granting Certification and Recognition to the 5 courses in the basis of institution's substantial compliance with prescribed requirements for the course. Our school became an institution and this training institution establish to produced skilled and globally competitive manpower here and abroad at low cost.